We pay 10% commission on all sales

How does our Affiliate System work?

Our affiliate system allows you to get paid for referring clients to us. Through this system, you can make money in commissions by simply promoting and selling our products and services. To earn via our affiliate system, follow the steps below:

  • You need to create an account first.
  • After creating an account, you will be given your unique Referral Affiliate Link (RAL). Your RAL is directly linked to your account.
  • Every time a client purchases our service by clicking on your RAL, a commission of 10% is immediately paid into your account. So, the more the clients who purchase our service via your RAL, the more the number of commissions you receive.

Withdraw your commissions.

To withdraw your commissions, you must have a minimum account balance of $50. Once your commissions reach this required amount, you can initiate a Withdrawal Request by clicking on the “Request Withdrawal” link in affiliate page of your account.

Once that has been done, a member of our Affiliate team will contact you to verify your request and ask for your payment details. Withdrawals can be made through PayPal. Upon initiation of your withdrawal, you will be required to provide a PayPal email address.

Through our Affiliate System, we pay you to help us grow, and in doing so, we help you grow! Simply Refer and Earn!

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